New Year Deer

In my first week back at work in 2013 my reward for checking on the wetland fields near Flixton Bridge was a close encounter with five beautiful Roe Deer. I first spotted the group some 500m distant but as I was downwind they perhaps didn’t notice me til they were close. It was a treat to watch them negotiate a water-filled ditch and clear a low hedge before setting off at a sprint away from me. I captured this young stag with my compact camera as it crossed an open field east of Star Carr. Nice to get the drainage board’s digger in the distance, working on Black Dike drain. These fields used to be Set Aside a 13.01.04 030running roe and digger Star Carrfew years ago which gave them a little more cover to hide in. They also spend a lot of time in small woodland coverts but are actually quite commonly seen on The Carrs. Not usually so close though. My first Roes of the New Year.

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