Tinkering with Widgets

‘Widgets’ are the bits embedded in the sidebar of the blog that do clever things, like display recent tweets, an archive list of blog posts or a tag cloud of keywords. There are many widgets available to choose from in WordPress, some more and some less relevant to this site. Do you find the ‘Widgets’ useful? Currently I have about 10 widgets in use. The purpose of this blog post is to elicit some feedback on the blog, particularly the use of widgets.

If you can spare a few minutes, take a look and tell me which widgets are the most useful to you and whether you have any thoughts on the order (which should be the most prominent ones). Just recently I have had a play around with the order and appearance and replaced one or two with new or updated versions. Some of my thoughts are below, I’d love to hear from readers what you think. Help me make it better and more user-friendly – after all how can I be the judge of that?

SEARCH THE BLOG: Have you ever used the Search function? Did you find what you wanted? Do you find the menu bar and drop-downs intuitive?

ARCHIVES: Should the Archives be more prominent, nearer the top of the sidebar or down at the bottom when you scroll down?

GALLERY: This is a new feature. There are options for how it appears – slideshow, square thumbnail tiles, tiles where some are larger and some smaller – that does make for a very long sidebar…but tile views click to open a larger viewer, with further description available. Would you like to be able to view images in a larger viewer?

CONTACT DETAILS, BLOG STATS: I’ve put these at the bottom. Are they needed? Would they be better near the top.

I’m sure you get the idea. If you are familiar with WordPress yourself (and I’m sure some of you are) perhaps you have other favourite Widgets that you recommend. Feel free to give any general feedback on the Blog website, the posts, the topics I’ve covered, the menus etc. If you like the blog please consider sharing it with others. Have a great Christmas!


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