The Carrs Wetland Project

This blog started life as a website for a wetland restoration project near Scarborough, in North Yorkshire. The Cayton and Flixton Carrs Wetland Project, as it was originally named, was an advocacy project working with farmers – It sought to establish farm stewardship schemes on lowland, floodplain peat soils in the Vale of Pickering. A wetland landscape would be restored, farmed less intensively to enhance habitats bring back breeding waders and protect the archaeological heritage associated with Star Carr (arguably the most important Stone Age site you may never have heard of). The project employed a full-time Project Officer at Scarborough Borough Council between 2006 and 2013 but the blog continues to spread the message of wetland restoration.

Although The Carrs Wetland Project came to an end, I sincerely hope that it has remained in people’s hearts as a cause – a project with a small ‘p’ if you will. For the Vale of Pickering needs friends and advocates. It truly is ‘An Extraordinary Place’.

Keeping this website and blog online, is one way that I have attempted to keep the interest in and awareness of The Carrs in the minds of local people and interested parties.

Tim Burkinshaw, (Scarborough Council’s Ecologist, former Project Officer). 

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