Conservation Objectives

The main objective of The Carrs Wetland Project is to increase the wildlife value of the area by recreating a nationally important wetland landscape. In doing this the project aims to help achieve targets contained in the Scarborough Local Biodiversity Action Plan (BAP) and in the UK Biodiversity Action Plan.


Wetlands are identified as a Priority habitat under the UK Biodiversity Action Plan (UKBAP for short), meaning that these habitats are threatened and require conservation action. Wetland habitats include wet grasslands, wet woodlands, reedbeds, fens and the network of drainage ditches linking them which all support a large variety of wildlife.

Many species of wading birds and wildfowl are associated with wetlands and are listed as Priority species under the UK BAP together with Water Voles, Otters and Great Crested Newts. The Carrs also host a wide variety of aquatic and terrestrial plants and invertebrates of note.

Scarborough BAP

The Scarborough BAP is based around species and habitat action plans within the UK BAP. Populations of many species have declined in number over the years and one of the best ways to combat this is to conserve their habitats.

The Scarborough BAP suggests conservation measures through a series of targets and actions and the main objective in relation to wetland conservation is-

To maintain and improve the quality of existing wetlands and to recreate wetlands, particularly in areas where they were historically present in a much greater quantity.

Current Scarborough BAP actions which are carried out by The Carrs Wetland Project include;

  • identifying wetland resources
  • Providing advice and developing proposals with landowners to create wetlands as part of Environmental Stewardship and other proposals
  • Incorporating wetlands as part of Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems with planning consent
  • Providing practical assistance with farm management

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