Enquire about Stewardship

Farmers can apply to Natural England for Environmental Stewardship. This provides grants over a set period of years in return for specific land management. Entry Level Stewardship, which lasts 5 years at a time is the basic level and can be applied for online via the Natural England website.

Higher Level Stewardship (HLS) is the scheme under which wetland grants and other more involved habitat management options fall. These are competitive schemes awarded on merit, targeting particular geographic areas or themes. An HLS agreement lasts 10 years and involves a considerable committment but the grants available are significant. Farmers interested in HLS should speak to their Land Management Advisor at Natural England in the first instance.

For The Carrs Wetland area, The Wetland Project Officer may be able to assist once Natural England has indicated that an application is merited. There is no guarantee of success but the Wetland Project and Natural England will work with applicants to help them include the right ingredients for a successful application.


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