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A Pressing Engagement

Apples abound this year it seems. Certainly there has been a bumper crop on my apple tree and those of neighbours. I was delighted to hear about a new local community-minded venture in Seamer and went along at the weekend with a few kilos of windfalls to an apple pressing day at Seamer Fayre. This farm butchery has invested in some new kit to turn unwanted apples to juice and cider, inviting local people with an excess of fruitfulness to take their apples along in exchange for a share of the juice – or an option on some cider in the near future.

They have done two public pressing days, one in September and the latest in October, receiving bucketfuls of aromatic apples from local people and demonstrating the pressing operation. The apples are passed through a special mill to crush them, then loaded into a cylindrical press which uses a bladder inflated by mains water pressure to squeeze out the juice. Waste pulp is fed to their livestock or composted.

This is just the sort of initiative I love to hear about, diversifying a farm enterprise and engaging with the local community at the same time. Maybe it will spearhead a revival in interest in orchards, apple-growing and perhaps the planting of new community orchards in the future. Meanwhile if like me you have any apples you are at a loss what to do with a further pressing day has been arranged for Sun 10th Nov.