Working in Partnership

The Cayton and Flixton Carrs Wetland Project began as a partnership project run by Scarborough Borough Council working with local landowners and supported by Natural England, The RSPB, The Environment Agency and North Yorkshire County Council. In 2012 the Project Officer post became fully funded by Scarborough Borough Council and The Yorkshire Wildlife Trust was asked to join forces to help develop the Project’s potential as a broader community and landscape partnership initiative.

The Carrs Wetland Project could not have got far without partnership working, but times change and new challenges arise. Having established a network of wetland habitats on working farmland through effective partnership working we have begun tackling a bigger, bolder challenge with a broader remit. A new set of partners has been assembled to develop a ‘Landscape Partnership’ for The Carrs area. Engaging with local communities and interest groups will be key as this work develops.

The intention is to provide economic, social and environmental benefits for the rural economy. The project looks to weave together the various stories of The Carrs landscape at the eastern end of the Vale of Pickering, including natural history, archaeology, geology and climate studies. Humans have played a role in shaping the landscape we see today from a Stone-Age wetland 11,000 years ago to modern agriculture with thanks to nineteenth century civil engineering and land drainage. The new partnership is preparing to submit a bid to the Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF) in Spring 2013.

For the HLF Landscape Partnership fund, bids for 2013 close at the end of May. These are big projects lasting up to 5 years and employing a dedicated team of staff. A lot of work has gone on behind the scenes to bring this dream to fruition. A preliminary meeting with HLF staff was held in October 2012. Read about Landscape Partnerships fund on the HLF website. As a preliminary to the HLF bid, funding was been granted by the LEADER Waterways Partnership (East Riding and North Yorkshire) towards a Community Consultation study on the Hertford and upper Derwent over winter 2012-13 to raise awareness and to identify what aspects of the environment, heritage and economy local people value most and wish to see interpreted and conserved. A heritage roadshow event in Staxton at the end of January 2013 generated a good deal of positive interest.


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