Project Vision
The Carrs Wetland Project’s vision is for a mosaic of high quality wetland habitats in the Vale of Pickering alongside modern food production aims to restore a nationally significant wetland landscape through sensitive farm management. It will make the Vale a richer place for wildlife and more attractive and accessible for all.

To date the main objectives of the project have been to:

  • Restore a nationally important wetland landscape though Higher Level Stewardship
  • Improve the financial security of the farming community, protecting farm livelihoods.
  • Help farm businesses move away from intensive farming systems towards more sustainable land management such as low input pastoral farming.
  • Enhance the wildlife value of The Carrs area.
  • Help to achieve targets contained in Local Biodiversity Action Plans (BAPs) and in the UK Biodiversity Action Plan.
  • Protect a fragile and internationally important archaeological resource.
  • Improve water quality  in the Derwent and Hertford River catchments
  • Improve the quality of life for local communities by creating a more attractive and natural local environment.
  • Create a resource for tourism, recreation and educational purposes.

Current Progress

Currently eleven farm stewardship agreements are in place, which enables farmers to protect and restore important floodplain grassland, providing valuable habitat for waders and other threatened farmland birds. In total, the amount of wetland in the project adds up to 330 hectares, while the total farm area in the schemes is 3000 hectares.

In the future, further projects in The Carrs will address wider objectives of tourism, education and community involvement while continuing to help farmers manage their land for environmental benefit.


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