Centred around the River Hertford floodplain, the project area lies just 3 km south of Scarborough. The Hertford Cut, a canalised tributary of the River Derwent, drains the eastern end of the Vale of Pickering, an area of farmland known as The Carrs. The flat, low-lying fields between the villages of Flixton and Folkton to the south and Seamer and Cayton to the north became the early focus of the Cayton and Flixton Carrs Wetland Project in 2006. In subsequent years the farming project grew to a dozen  stewardship sites spread about the whole length of the River Hertford from the springs at Muston Bottoms westwards to the confluence with the Derwent at Ganton. In this fashion more than 300 hectares of the fen peat deposits representing ancient Lake Flixton, besides, were brought in to Higher Level Stewardship wetland options.

A link to a map showing the floodplains in the area can be found on the Environment Agency website.


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