Star Carr

Star Carr archeological dig Star Carr is an important Mesolithic archeological site which is situated on The Carrs. It ages back to the mid Stone Age (9500-4000 BC) and is home to Britains oldest house (8000 BC). Many artefacts have been discovered during archeological digs which have given rise to evidence of how people lived during this period. Barbed points, flint, beads of shale and amber and even early timber platforms have been discovered, showing that there are similarities between life in the past and today. These artefacts have been preserved for a very long time due to the water-logged peaty soils found on The Carrs; without it the artefacts would have decomposed and knowledge of how life was lived in the areas would not have been gained. This area of land has been extensively drained and used as farmland which has caused the peat to deteriorate. Consequently, artefacts that were once preserved in this environment are also deteriorating, highlighting the need to conserve the area and its history.

The University of York are conducting archeological research at the site so if you are interested in current progress and would like to learn more then visit their website.


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